Hey there, I’m Ryan Gum. I run a startup called Attach and an online community for salespeople called Closing Call. Previously, I was a startup marketer from Sydney Australia, recently moved to Stockholm Sweden.


I believe that the best way to learn something is to do it and teach it. So in saying that, I started this blog to teach my experiences, thoughts and learnings on growth and online marketing. It helps me understand what I’m learning, and also hopefully gives you some value as well. Some articles will be high level concepts and strategy, others will dive into specific tactics and practical examples.

There are undoubtedly more experienced and smarter people to learn online marketing from, but if you let me I’d like to offer my two cents, and share my learnings from the trenches.

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Want to get in touch? I would love to chat. Contact me at: ryangum1 [at] gmail.com
You can also get a hold of me on Twitter.

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