The Essential List of Startup Marketing Resources

The Essential List of
Startup Marketing Resources

This is where it all begins, Startup Marketing 101.

“Most startups don’t fail at building a product, they fail at acquiring customers.”
– Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder DuckDuckGo

You’ve worked hard to build a great product, or just finished writing thousands of lines of code. But the job’s not done, and if your goal is for any level of success, it’s only just the beginning.

It’s common for startups to focus on development and design, but without marketing, no one will see what you’ve created.

Startup Marketing is different to traditional marketing. Why? At a high level:

  • A startup is different from a small business because it’s trying an unproven product, service, or business model (a new Italian restaurant uses an established and proven business model, and therefore is not a startup)
  • Startups are (more often than not) running bootstrapped – that is with no or very little outside investment. They don’t have the budget to go toe-to-toe with the big guys and win through advertising spend
  • Startups are often run by solopreneurs or small teams of 2 or 3 and have limited time to spend on marketing

Because of this:

  • You have to be lean: build, measure, and learn
  • You have to be smarter: with your money and resources
  • You have to be agile: with your speed and capitalization of opportunities

Based on that, I’ve put together a list of the essentials you need to know to acquire customers for your startup.

Note: This list is ongoing and regularly updated.
Startup Marketing Resoures


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resources icon Additional Resources


Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing

Growth Hacking Guide – Mindset, Framework and Tools

Startup Metrics for Pirates

Using Conversion Rate Optimisation and Viral Mechanics

Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

Growth Hacking Basics

Startup Growth: Up and to the Right

Dropbox: Startup Lessons Learned

Why Most Startups Fail at Acquiring New Customers (and how you can succeed!)

Lean Analytics workshop

Why Content Marketing Fails

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing



Successful Users (by

Startups For the Rest of Us


The Rocketship Podcast

Product Hunt Radio

Marketing Optimization

Quantified Web

Product People

Startup Chat

Entrepreneur On Fire

ViperChill Podcast

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding Your First Customers

Social Pros Podcast


Youtube Channels



Alex Harris


Derek Halpern

Gary Vaynerchuk

Growth Everywhere


Justin Brooke


Smart Passive Income

Matthew Woodward

Google Ventures

Google Analytics

Y Combinator





Whiteboard Friday

Wistia Learning Center

Hubspot Academy

KISSmetrics webinar recordings

Moz Academy

MicroConf 2013 presentation videos

Hacker Talks



Happy Inbox

Saas Club Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter

SaaS Newsletter

Startup Letters


Other Gems

Startup Pitch Deck Examples

Gigster: hire an elite development team in minutes

The Startup Toolkit

Closing Call

Product Hunt

Saas Club


Growth Hacker Growth Studies

Startup Marketing On A $0 Budget

A Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Online Business

Becoming Twitter: A Beginner’s Guide To User Acquisition

Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq Studio

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