What I’m reading

The best of what I’ve read this week:

How New User Acquisition Channels Drive Change by Brian Balfour

Over the history of the internet we have seen new distribution and user acquisition channels emerge. With each new channel comes a storm of change in the consumer internet eco-system.

Simple Ways to Find Potential Customers Online by Luke Thomas

…in the early stages of an idea, it’s tough to get started. Who do we start talking to? Do we try to sell a potential customer on the first interaction? These are a few of the questions I’ve had.

How Treehouse, An $8 Million Revenue Company Operates On A 4-Day Work Week And No Managers – Interview with Ryan Carson by Eric Siu

The single biggest source of success he’s had was building up his network through MeetUps and conferences. Give them so much value and then ask them to buy later.

The Single Most Important Startup Lesson: How to Perform Inception on Your Customers by James Faghmous

In a startup, just like with inception, you must start with the most basic value your business creates

How YesGraph Got Its First 1000 Users by Ivan Kirigin

All this together means you want just enough growth. You want to spend a measured amount of time to get enough attention to drive your experiments to make your product better.

I’m Not a “Non-Technical” Founder, I’m a Hacker by Andrew Torba

Even the very nature of the phrase “non-technical founder” implies some lack or cavity of importance. I am not a “non-technical” founder, I am a hacker.